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How to Maximize Your Leadership Capabilities

with Melinda Sinclair, President People Dynamics Learning Group

Melinda-Pic-250x250 This event is taking place on Tuesday November 25th at 7 p.m. at Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Room 304. Free if you are a member of our Endorsing Associations. For a list of endorsing associations. Otherwise, we charge $30. All profits go to the Make A Wish Foundation. Please note this event is being held at Metro Hall, Room 304. Metro Hall is located at 55 John Street in downtown TO. John Street runs north and south between King and Wellington, west of University Ave.

A primary task of leadership is to direct attention. Leaders tell us where to focus our energies. But leaders need, too, to manage their own attetnion. Leaders who do this effectively can soar, those who do not will stumble. The reason is simple. “Your Focus,” Yoda reminds us, “is your reality.”

– Daniel Goleman What is your most valuable resource – the key resource that allows you to be an effective leader, to succeed in business, and to enjoy life? Some would say time. Others would say energy, or your network of relationships. These are all undoubtedly important. Yet they all require that you have mastered the deployment of a fundamental mental resource: Your attention. As Daniel Goleman suggests in the quote above, the difference between soaring and stumbling lies in effective attention management. Your ability to direct and manage your attention is at the root of everything you achieve. It determines the quality of the decisions you make, the quality of your relationships, your level of performance and enjoyment. Your effectiveness as a leader depends crucially on how well you have mastered the art of focusing and directing your attention productively. As a leader, you need to know when and where to direct your attention, why, for how long, and how intensely. Quite simply, Mastering the art of directing our attention is the key to success in leadership, in business, and in life. And this is where we run into a challenge: Managing our attention is quite difficult. There is the distraction of being pulled in mulitiple directions by the many demands made on us. There is the problem of focusing appropriately in the midst of vast streams of information coming at us at high speed. There is the spiralling down effect when our attention gets caught by bad news. There is the challenge of knowing when to focus in and maybe risk missing important information – or when to focus wider and maybe risk getting lost in too much information and too much complexity. On the other hand, managing attention is crucial for success. And on the other hand, managing attention is a challenge. No wonder that attention management is always on the agenda when it comes to the topic of leadership. In this practical hands on session, Melinda will be sharing wth you some key insights and practical tools that allow you to embrace your attention management capabilities. Here is what you will learn:

  • Five Key Features of attention every “attention master” needs to know.
  • Why it matters that you get the balance right between attending to what goes wrong and what goes right.
  • Practical strategies and tools you can immediately implement to upgrade your attention management capabilities.

About Melinda Sinclair, D Phil, Chartered Business Coach Melinda Sinclair, President of People Dynamics Learning Group, is an internationally recognized expert in leadership development, executive coaching, and coach education. She is one of only a few coaches in the world to be awarded the Chartered Business Coach designation by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. Melinda brings a depth of knowledge and experience to the challenge of helping her clients develop a more integrated intelligence`in their work and life. She enjoys working with highly intelligent, sophisticated and successful individuals who want to use their strengths to create what they truly want for themselves while making a meaning full contribution to the various organizations and systems to which they belong. Her clients include executives and senior managers , senior scientists and project managers, as well as self employed professionals. Her areas of special interest include leadership development for scientists, `future smart`leadership skills, team effectiveness, and effective conversation in the work context. She is co-author of The Leadership Coach`s Advantage: A guide for Practise, designer and lead faculty for the Business Coaching Advantage Program, as well as designer of resources to enhance Conversational Intelligence at work. She takes special pleasure in distilling vast amounts of information and complex concepts into simply and practical frameworks, models and tools that can support leaders and coaches. Melinda is an engaging speaker and workshop leader who challenges participants to develop fresh perspectives and to stretch themselves to reach for new possibilities. A varied and rich life experience compliments Melinda`s professional experience. She has lived and worked in different countries, successfully navigated several major life changes, and manages (most of the time) to balance several life roles.

In Summary:

When: Tuesday November 25th, 7 p.m. Where: Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Room 304 John Street runs north and south between King and Wellington, west of University Avenue, in downtown TO. To RSVP, Click Here or call 416-783-7526 Ext. 1 to confirm your spot. Free if you are a member of one of our endorsing associations. Otherwise we charge $30. Regards, =jk= John Klotz Event Chair, Toronto Talks chair@torontotalks.org 416-783-7526