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Stand Out Among the Competition with Leslie Rose

“Stand Out Among the Competition”  with sales coach, Leslie Rose

This event is taking place on Tuesday October 30th at 7 p.m. at Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Room 304.

Free if you are a member of our Endorsing Associations. Otherwise, we charge $20. All profits go to the Make A Wish Foundation. 

 Please note this event is being held at Metro Hall, Room 304. Metro Hall is located at 55 John Street in downtown TO. John Street runs north and south between King and Wellington, west of University Ave. 

You have a great product or service and now you want to impress potential customers/clients and colleagues. Your customers want someone whom they can trust, someone who really understands them and their needs. Your colleagues want to build relationships with someone they like and someone they will be pleased to refer. Think of the last networking meeting you attended. As others introduced themselves were you committed to listening helpfully even when they were slow to get to their point? And were you effective when you were introducing yourself?

During this presentation, you will learn to improve your speaking and listening skills. These are also your essential selling skills. Topics to be discussed include:

• Hooking the interest of the other person
• Framing comments to achieve a receptive response
• Using voice tone posture to improve rapport
• Listening well using mirroring and paraphrasing
• Asking helpful questions

The seminar is powerful, practical and enjoyable. Hope to see you there.

About Leslie Rose 

Leslie has been a trainer and coach for over 25 years.He has a Master’s degree in Communication from the University of Waterloo.For 10 years, he was the Director of Training for the Canadian Institute of Stress. He presents on Effective Communication, Managing Stress, Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Assertiveness and Humour.

In Summary:

When:  Tuesday October 30th,  7 p.m.
Where:  Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Room 304
John Street runs north and south between King and Wellington, west of University Avenue, in downtown TO.

Free if you are a member of one of our endorsing associations. Otherwise we charge $20.



John Klotz
Event Chair, Toronto Talks