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The Role of Media & Your Company

with Larry Jackson

When talking to anyone who has had an experience with the media, you hear the horror stories. People tell you about the bad quotes, the misrepresentation and the general lack of insight that the reporter or editor brings to the interview. People talk about the adversarial nature of encounters with the media.

In fact, it’s safe to say that most people view reporters, editors and columnist as a necessary evil; individuals who you must work with from time to time if you want to get the coverage for your story that you know you deserve.

The reality of the relationship between you and the media is actually quite different. It should be a partnership. You are a
supplier of raw material…. information.

The media takes many different shapes and forms, It may be a daily newspaper, a weekly or a trade publication or a television newscast or radio talk show. Determining which will work you and your business is a challenge!
Our Toronto Talks attendee’s discussed:

  • Why is the media important to you business
  • What are the different types of media
  • How do I sell my story to the media
  • Ten questions people ask about the media
  • Plus many more…

Larry Jackson, President, Editorial Edge Communications
Larry Jackson has been part of the Canadian media scene for more than 25 years.
Since 1995 Larry Jackson has been President and head strategist of
Editorial Edge Communications. As the company’s executive producer he
has overall responsibility for setting direction, tone and quality
standards for all projects.