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How to Promote Brand “YOU”

with George Torok

To an audience of more than 150 people, George Torok presented a dynamic program on how market your most valuable product…namely Brand “YOU!”

George began his presentation with a comment that an individual who uses a systematic approach to marketing themselves or their business will ultimately surpass someone who just relies on their talents. Therefore, George emphasized the need to have a system.

He broke down the personal marketing program into 5 Strategies, namely Perceptions, Relationships, Media, Leverage, and Database Marketing

Beginning with Perception, George indicated that our marketing efforts revolve around perceived marketing. We are never perceived accurately by people. Either we are perceived as more or less successful, but never accurately. Therefore, it is important to be perceived as a leader. You can do this by speaking publicly on your area of expertise. He also emphasized being “nominated” for awards. Even if you don’t get the award, you can state proudly that you were “nominated” for an award, just like the Academy Awards.

With respect to # 2 – Managing Relations, George is empowered by writing Thank-you letters. A personally written note goes very far. He pointed out an example of a Grade 12 student who participated in a public speaking contest that was sponsored by George’s partner, Peter Urs Bender. $5000 was given away in prizes, but this individual had not won anything. But he was only one to write a thank-you note! He clearly stood out. George further refers to “congratulations” as being the 1 st cousin of Thank-you and letters should be sent out accordingly.

George discussed further the aspect of Media Relations. He is a big fan of print media (although Radio and TV are sexier) because the articles you write can be reproduced and sent to clients. He further discussed ways to get yourself into print via letters to the editor and writing articles. Local newspapers are always looking for content and writing an article called “The Top 7 ways to Nirvana” or “Top 5 tips to investing” etc. are in stride for local editors.

He also emphasized the need to Leverage your abilities into opportunities. He had to be in the Yukon Territories (Yellowknife, to be exact) and he wanted to create a stir. So, George offered to work with the local entrepreneurs and offer consultations at $50 per entrepreneur. At the end of the day, he donated all the money to the local charity (approx $500). This contribution made its way into the local newspaper.

Finally, George touched up database marketing and the importance of developing a systematic approach to our prospects and clients. (Editors note – I’m hooked on ACT and don’t know how I could work without it.)

All in all, it was an incredible evening. George ran out of books to sell (His Secrets of Power Marketing) is a National Best Seller.

George Torok is co-author of the national bestseller, “ Secrets of Power Marketing” Canada’s first guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer. Now published in seven countries. He is the host of the weekly radio show, Business in Motion . After two decades in corporate management he launched his own successful consulting, training and speaking business. Torok delivers seminars and keynote speeches across North America. He was featured in the media as a Citizen of the World. He is a national director of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Visit www.Torok.com for more.