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Project Management Techniques

Hold Your Worlds Together!

with Joerg Niggemann

about Management, Leadership and Quality,and why an orchestra needs a conductor.

Have you ever had to deal with a discrepancy between written procedures and what is actually done? Have you ever seen a project that has not been influenced by ‘company politics’ in in one way or another? Perhaps you have encountered obstacles that seemed inexplicable. And sometimes you may have wondered whether Quality is actually more than the absence of defects.

No project is performed in a vacuum. The project manager, as every manager, does not only have to accomplish his task but has to do so by navigating the rough waters of his corporate and personal environment. Would you like to develop more ease of navigation? Imagine you could look ahead, sense conflict areas before you are in them, and even use previously adverse conditions in your favor.

See the ‘personal reality’ behind every ‘formal’ aspect of a company! Examples are: ‘Appreciation’ behind ‘Salary’, ‘Attitude’ behind ‘Quality Regulations’, and ‘what we actually do’ behind ‘written procedures’. Understand, that many conflicts originate in discrepancies of those two worlds. From this follows the ultimate imperative for a manager: Hold your worlds together! That is Leadership!

How to do that? Have you ever wondered why an orchestra needs a conductor? We can learn from them. Join Joerg on a journey around a ‘typical’ project in a ‘typical’ company, and look at it from different angles. Then follow him into the concert hall, and from there bring the power of Beethoven’s fifth symphony into your next project!

Joerg Niggemann’s passion is to take the pain out of software development and bring common sense in. He fought for this goal over a 13 year career in various positions as developer, architect, project manager, and quality manager. In 2001 he decided to become an independent consultant, came to Toronto and founded ThoughtBlade inc. Joerg Niggemann holds a Dr.med. (equivalent to MD PhD) and a Dipl.Inform. (equiv. M.Sc. Informatics/Computer Science) degree. In addition he holds both the Certified Quality Manager and Certified Software Quality Engineer designations from the American Society for Quality. These unique qualifications give Joerg a deep understanding of both people and technology, and the impact each has on the
other. Joerg can be reached at joergn@thoughtblade.com .

When: Tuesday June 24th, 7 p.m.

Where: Metro Hall, Room 308

Metro Hall is located at 55 John Street in downtown TO. John Street runs north and south between King and Wellington, west of University.

Cost: Free to members of affiliated associations. Everyone else, $20 at the door, donated to Camp OOchigeas (www.ooch.org) a camp for children with cancer in Ontario.

To RSVP, email us at rsvp@torontotalks.org or phone (416)-595-7484 ext. 305. Seating is limited, so confirm early.