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Financial Planning for the Self Employed Consultant

with Ellen Roseman & Soo Ling Ng

Ellen Roseman is a Business Columnist with the Toronto Star. She writes Money 101 for The Sunday Star, a step-by-step guide to managing finances as well as her regular column throughout the work week.

Her newest book, Money 101: Every Canadian’s Guide to Personal Finance is based on a series that she did for the Toronto Star. It is an easy to understand introduction to personal finance for those of us who are short of time and money.
Ellen discussed the need for self employed persons to take care of their retirement needs through RRSP’s as a deduction. She discussed the notion of risk and return and suggested that a good financial advisor would be an important asset on a go forward basis.

To download a copy of her presentation, click Ellen Roseman’s Presentation

Soo Ling Ng, BMath, MAcc, CA, CFP, is a Senior Manager at Soberman Isenbaum, & Colomby, a leading public acccounting firm in Canada.

Soo Ling discussed the accounting rules around self employment and what merits true self employment by CCRA Rules.

To download a copy of Soo-Ling’s presentation, click Soo-Ling Ng’s Presentation