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Real Life Security Breaches

Are you Next?

with Ron Lepofsky

This fully interactive session discussed real life case studies of security breaches and vulnerabilities. Other topics were

* Auditing for susceptibility to external hacking
* Auditing for vulnerabilities caused by employee use of the Internet
* CEOs cost justifying and budgeting for security
* Creating the security process
* Liability of executives with respect to security

Ron discussed how IT Consultants can grow their practices by partnering with information security consultants. The bottom line is…you can increase your consulting business revenues in the security area.

Ron Lepofsky is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto. He has been an innovator in the high tech industry for 26 years, has consulted in data telecommunications networking for 12 years and has consulted in Information and Internet security for 6 years.

Ron works with C level executives and IT teams, to identify business drivers and business cases for bringing the information security process to corporations. This process is employed to identify and fix the never-ending new breed of security vulnerabilities. He writes best practices security policies and procedures and provides training.

Ron has been published in several periodicals including The Lawyers Weekly, CMA Management and Canadian Underwriter Magazine and has been interviewed on radio and TV (CP24).