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Pushing Your Comfort Zone

and loving it!

with Jamie Broughton

Reaching for big goals, taking on projects you’ve never done before, or dealing with challenging situations can be daunting experiences! If you’re someone out to have an exciting career, make a difference, or stretch yourself, you are at the edge of your comfort zone often. It is in these times that the opportunity for exponential growth and learning exists.

How would you live and work differently if you:
· Felt even more powerful and in control than you already are?
· Had a better understanding of how you responded to new possibilities?
· Held insight into practical strategies on diving in to your new project?
· Identified what’s holding you back?

Expressing who you are and bringing your talent to the world takes courage and conviction.
Understanding how we as people react to new possibilities and developing strategies that embrace them is critical to our success in our work and in life. Join for this entertaining and interactive workshop. It will give you a fresh and valuable perspective on pushing your comfort zone, and loving it.

This session was fascilitated by Jamie Broughton. Jamie is a dynamic and passionate facilitator, public speaker, and professional coach. He is the founder of Footprint, a professional coaching and training organization. His clients have ranged in involvement from on-line learning providers, to pharmaceutical consortia, to nationally distributed gift products to the banking . institutions. His high energy and contagious enthusiasm is a proven catalyst for change. You can find him on the web at www.footprint.ca