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Management of the Future

with Peter de Jager

Peter de Jager …a speaker/consultant on the issues relating to the Management of the Future. He has published hundreds of articles on topics ranging from Problem Solving, Creativity and Change to the impact of issues such as privacy, security and personal factories on society and the way we do business. His articles have appeared in The Washington Post , The Wall Street Journal , The Futurist and Scientific American.

Having spoken in more than 30 countries he is recognized worldwide as an exciting and engaging speaker. His audiences have included the World Economic Forum, The WorldBank and The Bank for International Settlements.
H is presentations use humor to question the myths surrounding our understanding of the Change process. His talks are accessible by both staff and upper management. His single minded objective, despite the global nature of some of the issues, is always to provide actionable solutions and avenues of approach.

Mr. de Jager’s presentations are known to be highly interactive, fun, irreverent to mistaken ideas and most importantly, directly applicable to the change challenges facing us both personally and professionally.

In May of 2001 he was honoured by CIPS for his work in Y2K and was recently appointed as an Associate Director of The Global Future Forum a Unisys Corporation initiative.