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Is our City Prepared to Take Full Advantage of the Internet’s Power & Potential?

Should high speed Internet access be a right of every Torontonian?

with Chris Carder

Are we doing enough to ensure our children have equal access to the Internet, or will we watch the digital divide create even greater educational barriers within our low income communities? Is Toronto ready for its first Internet-based election? With the municipal election less than a year away, should we embrace online voting?

These were just a few of the questions ThinData CEO and Toronto Talks moderator Chris Carder posed to an expert panel at Toronto’s Metro Hall this week.

The panel featured five well known Toronto personalities, including:

  • Former Toronto Mayor Barbara Hall
  • Delvinia CEO Adam Froman
  • SMART Toronto Chair David Terry
  • Aurel Langlois, Executive Director of IMAT
  • Ontario MPP George Smitherman

Founded by chair John Klotz and Elizabeth Schwarz, Toronto Talks tries to give people the opportunity to hear from Toronto’s leading experts in the fields of Internet and E-Commerce, Management, Leadership skills, Personal Development and Business Development skills.

Carder says the opportunity to work with this distinguished panel was a privilege and he is looking forward to taking part in Toronto Talks again soon.

“I had a lot of fun. Our panel raised some good issues and weren’t afraid to stir things up,” said Carder. “But what really blew me away were the questions from the audience. People are really interested in this important topic and want answers. I think everyone who came out tonight took something important away with them.”

Klotz agreed that ‘The Future of e-Toronto’ event was a success.

“The voice of our city’s IT sector requires more sonority and with our panelists in a position to affect change, this may have been the first step,” says Klotz. “Toronto Talks, with the aid of ThinData is committed to hosting more such events in the very near future.”