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How to Build your IT Business in Uncertain Times

with Chris Carder

Carder’s speech, which was entitled ‘How to Build your IT Business in Uncertain Times’ took place at Metro Hall with more than 110 business and information technology leaders in attendance.

Attendees learned how to build their IT Businesses in uncertain times from the New Media firm that not only dodged the dot.com collapse, but kept on growing during the recent recession.

Carder told the story of ThinData and outline the key pillars that have allowed the company to thrive and grow during the recent downturn into a powerhouse e-business firm with more than 200 clients worldwide.

Attendee reviews submitted after the event included:

“Polished, coherent – and of direct interest to me”

“Both motivating and inspiring. (Chris) is very ‘real’ and has a sense of humour”

“…open to sharing challenges and the details to overcome them”

“…focused, articulate speaking”