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Branding with Rhonda Page

The 3 Massive Marketing Mistakes Consultants and Small Businesses Are Making that Can Put Them Out Of Business.

With Branding Guru, Rhonda Page,  Know Your Difference

This event is taking place on Tuesday November 26th, at  7 p.m,  at That Channel Studios, located at 160 Bartley Drive, in the Victoria Park and Eglinton area.

Free if you are a member of our Endorsing Associations. Otherwise, we charge $30. All profits go to the Make A Wish Foundation. 

Every day  Rhonda meets consultants and small business owners who are making the same 3 marketing mistakes.  If you’re making any of these mistakes, you may be finding that:

  • You don’t stand out and you sound like everyone else when you talk about your business
  • You’re attracting the wrong clients who don’t have the budget to pay you
  • You’ve wasted thousands on a website and marketing tactics that aren’t working for you

In this action packed session, Rhonda will show you how to avoid these three massive mistakes.  More importantly, you will learn how to stand out and be able to talk about your business with confidence, how to attract perfect clients who have the budget to pay you,  and, finally, you will learn the one thing that you may be missing that affects the success of all your marketing (its a game changer).

You’re going to learn a whole new way to think about marketing, new strategies that you’ll be able to leverage throughout your business life and things you can implement immediately.

After this Toronto Talks session, you will be able to:

  • Set yourself up for marketing success
  • Get known by your perfect (higher paying) client and close the sale faster
  • Save money by hiring the right suppliers
  • Make more money working less time

About Rhonda Page

Rhonda Page has had a 25 year career building global brands for companies like Kraft and Coca Cola. She’s taken what she learned in big business and is now helping small businesses stand out, attract perfect clients and market themselves successfully.

She’s been mentored by the best, including Don Watt, the creator of the Home Depot brand and Don Chisholm, creator of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, one of the most successful brand launches in history.

Rhonda was working as Director of Brand Insights for Dossier Creative, Canada’s leading brand creation company, when the economic downturn began in 2009. As a result of the declining economy, friends with small businesses began to reach out to her for help. She observed them struggling with ineffective marketing and realized that if they understood how to build a brand, they could thrive in any economy. That’s how Know Your Difference (http://www.knowyourdifference.com) was born.

Rhonda’s trial blazing products and programs enable small business to get “big agency” brand consulting without the prohibitive fees. With Rhonda’s help, clients are realizing their vision and surpassing their financial goals. They are closing more sales faster and creating loyal fans.

In Summary:

When:  Tuesday November 26th,  7 p.m.
Where:  That Channel Studios, 160 Bartley Drive, Toronto, in the Eglinton and Victoria Park area.

Free if you are a member of one of our endorsing associations. Otherwise we charge $30.



John Klotz
Event Chair, Toronto Talks