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10 Most Common Website Mistakes

…and how to avoid them!

1. Allowing your site to be broken


Website Management

  • Link checking
  • HTML validation
  • Up time monitoring
  • Regular Backups
  • Sever Fail-overs
  • SEO
  • Statistics reporting
  • Form
  • Updates
  • Email services
  • Site redesigns
  • Domain renewals
  • DNS services
  • Custom programming
  • Technical Support
  • Browser compatibility

2. Poor Navigation

If your prospect can’t find the information they needs quickly and easily they will go elsewhere

3. The Splash Page


Visitors and search engines hate them!


4. No SEO

Do you want traffic? If so, you need SEO.

Search Engines

  • Lot of misinformation – crooks – be careful!
  • Content is the key. Really! 
  • Cross links
  • Site promotion
  • Pay per click
  • Meta tags
  • Hit statistics – How do you know if it’s working?

5. Poor Writing

Bad spelling, and and worrser grammar

6. Too Little Information

and the generalization trap

Website Content

Poor Key words, vague.
At ABC Company we provide synergistic custom business solutions by listening your you specific needs. We believe that as your strategic partner we can can improve your ROI and increase your client’s satisfaction, with integrity and professionalism.
Key word rich, specific.
ABC company provides custom accounting services for small business in Toronto Ontario Canada.
Our certified accountants come on site, listen to your needs, and deliver per project, per hour, or on contract, bookkeeping, tax, payroll, or accounts receivable management.

7. Too much

flash, animation, blinking, buttons, images and the “emphasize everything” syndrome


  • 4 different ways to search
  • 86 different links just on the home page
  • Some items blink
  • Some items change with flash
  • Some items cause pop-ups
  • Some items emphasized with purple some items with red
  • Where to look?
  • Too much to absorb!


8. Legibility

I can’t believe I still need to mention this!

9. Inconsistency

Am I still on the same website?

10. Ugly

Last on the list for a reason