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Leadership – with Jamie Broughton

Leadership – with Jamie Broughton

They say that poor students make the best teachers. That’s good, because Jamie spent over 20 years trying to figure out this leadership thing. He spent much of his life being shy, unsure and understated. He had an average, “OK” life as a result.

In 1995, he got a wake up call that changed everything. His fiancée was almost killed in a car/bike crash. She slipped into a coma that lasted 28 days and later needed five years of rehab to recover. During that time, Jamie took a long, hard look at the mediocre life he had been living. He didn’t like what he saw.

This experience launched him on a personal crusade to change his life. He plunged head-first into studying leadership, asking himself why he’d made the choices he had. One day he had an interesting insight: leadership was really all about living the life and creating the results you really want, no matter what your job title is. Simple! Not easy.

He has since started two companies and has helped hundreds of people step into their leadership. His life and his clients’ results prove time and time again that the most unsuspecting people are capable of producing truly remarkable results. He now specializes in working with new and emerging leaders in companies of all sizes.