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Increase Sales, Cut Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction through Data Convergence – with Dave McDougall, CIO Vision Max

“Increase Sales, Cut Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction through Data Convergence” – with Dave McDougall, CIO Vision Max

It used to be that if a company’s customers, partners, employees, or brokers wanted to get information, they would call a 1-800 number, get put on hold, eventually speak to a Customer Service Representative, and listen while the CSR typed away at a computer screen to look up the information required.

Today’s tools make this scenario as outdated as rotary telephones and black-and-white TVs. Company executives and sales staff have cell phones and/or BlackBerrys. The Internet allows people to get access to a company’s back office systems from their home computer or mobile PC. Telephone systems have moved beyond interactive voice response to voice recognition. However, many companies have not yet taken advantage of these tools and are still operating in a 1980s fashion.

By leveraging the data that already exists and making it available to users in whatever medium they prefer, companies are able to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs. Dave McDougall, President and CEO of VisionMAX, will describe how these benefits were achieved through several applications his company has built for clients including Bell Canada, Sprint USA, and Pharma Plus using the following delivery channels:

· PC web browser
· Telephone interactive voice response or voice recognition
· Cell phone text message
· PDA e-mail
· Interactive TV via cable/satellite set-top box or media-centre PC’s and gaming consoles (Wii, Xbox)
· Kiosk

About Dave McDougall

Dave has over twenty years experience working in some of the largest IT organizations in North America. Dave has also held the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a U.S. media technology company. Prior to forming VisionMAX Solutions Inc. and Wapmarks Wireless Inc. over 10 years ago, he spent 7 years with Canada’s largest retailer in systems development, and then he was a senior consultant with the largest Canadian IT consulting firm’s (currently a division of IBM) newly formed Internet consulting division.

Dave has spent his career as a programmer/analyst, project leader, application architect, technical sales engineer, project manager and as an executive for other companies. Combining this experience with a consultative selling approach (provide clients with solutions based on real-world experience) has enabled VisionMAX to grow year after year with 50-200% sales growth. Dave attributes the success of VisionMAX to his ability to put together a great team of people who really care about delivery of quality applications. Dave and his team at VisionMAX take great pride in our client’s successes, and strive with our own personal reputation to never compromise on quality and customer satisfaction.

He has lectured at George Brown College in Toronto teaching courses covering E-Commerce, Rational Unified Process – UML Modeling methodology, and Wireless Application development. Dave’s practical and hands on approach enabled his students to build working e-commerce sites using IBM’s WebSphere Commerce Suite, and wireless applications running on cell-phones and PDA’s.

Dave is an experienced speaker and has brought VisionMAX’s perspective on systems integration, SOA, wireless, voice and video applications, and leading-edge Satellite, IPTV, Digital VOD solutions to his speeches. Dave studied at the University of Toronto taking their BSc. Computer Science program with a major in computer science and a minor in French.