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The Best Business Presentation that you have Ever Slept Through

with Curt Skene

Drawing on his award-winning career at Microsoft and ExecuTrain, his
years as a Certified Hypnotist and that of being a father (yes, kids
can provide incredible business lessons), Curt Skene will inspire his
audience with ideas on how to find more business, create more
opportunities, be more creative and have more fun. The fact that anyone
may jump up and quack like a duck…. well, that would just be pure
In this presentation Curt will demonstrate the powerful role that the
“Right Brain” plays in influencing business opportunity. The audience
will learn how assumptions, perception, emotions and imagery can and
will, impact your bottom line. Throughout the session Curt will
introduce and present a number of insights and questions that he feels
every business professional should be asking themselves.
In this session the audience will learn:

  • What drives personal motivation to succeed?
  • How do assumptions, associations and perception impact buying behavior?
  • What do people really buy?
  • Creating WOW!
  • Understanding that people buy with emotion and justify with logic.
  • And much much more…

About Curt Skene
Curt Skene is a seasoned business executive, a dynamic corporate
educator and certified hypnotist who passionately combines his proven
business background, with his hypnotic training to provide audiences
with an “out of the box” approach to getting things done! His mission is to share his experience and expertise
and show people “how they really can use their thoughts and knowledge
to powerfully change their lives, business and improve their bottom
line!” He is a man who walks his talk !
Curt spent 7 years at Microsoft Canada where he won worldwide
recognition for his ability to grow his technical training business
from $800K to over $20M in just five short years. He is the worldwide
founder of many innovative programs one of which became a major
Microsoft initiative (Skills 2000) that helped tens of thousands of
unemployed people find new careers in the Information Technology
industry. In 1997, Microsoft Corporation recognized Curt as their best
Training & Certification Program Manager in the world.
In October 1998, Curt left Microsoft Canada to become President and
Chief Operating Officer of ExecuTrain Canada, a 15 million dollar
computer training business. In his first year Curt lead his Canadian
team to winning four worldwide awards (in business excellence, sales
growth (x2) and business leadership). No other country had ever
accomplished that feat.
He is a showman at heart, known for his energy, engaging storytelling and interactive ways for motivate his audience.
For more info on Curt, click www.aahhah.com

To Summarize:
When: Tuesday January 20th, 7 p.m.
Where: New City Hall, Committee Room # 2
New City Hall is located at Bay and Queen in downtown TO. They are the two inwardly facing concave buildings – hard to miss.
Cost: Free to members of affiliated associations. Everyone else, $20 at the door, donated to Camp OOchigeas (www.ooch.org) a camp for children with cancer in Ontario.
To RSVP, email us at rsvp@torontotalks.org or phone (416)-595-7484 ext. 305. Seating is limited, so confirm early.