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Ready, Set, Sell!

with Doug Bloger Doug discussed the 4 different personality color coded personality types: Orange, Green, Gold, and Blue. He suggested that each type of personality had their own way of presenting information with their own unique style. The key was to understand how to sell to people who aren’t like your personality type and Doug showed the audience the way …

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7 Steps to High Tech Start Up Success

with Sofia Andreou Sofia’s talk addressed all aspects of how to start-up a successful high tech company. The topics covered included – The unique product/services roadmap, – The undying passion, – The large easily understood target market, – The smart financing, – The wide breadth of team, – The easy distribution model, – The right partners. ****************************** Chris Koressis practices …

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Tax Talks

with Jerry Henshall Jerry Henshall B.Sc., C.A., MCP discussed the Tax strategies for self employed professionals which included the pro’s and cons of being a sole proprietor versus incorporation. The concept of income splitting with spouses as well as lower tax brackets gave incorporation a distinct advantage under certain circumstances. Jerry also discussed expenses and indicated what could and could …

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Online Privacy & Security

with Fazila Nurani Her dynamic presentation discussed how businesses are concerned about security breaches and the invasion privacy. How do businesses build customer trust in such an environment? One important step is the creation of an effective privacy policy. Studies show that the existence of a strong Web site privacy policy is a major consideration for Internet users when deciding …

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e-Marketing Strategy

with Natalie Melling Our July speaker, Natalie Melling, President of Open Corporation, suggested that organizations can justify making long term commitments to E-Commerce projects in spite of short term downfalls by launching an “online weather balloon.” This is an information gathering strategy that can applied to refine the e-marketing strategy.  

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Vision of the Future

with Carolyn Burke Our June speaker featured Carolyn Burke who discussed her vision of the future of what is to come. Her insight into P2P application was resourceful as was her view of e-security in this process.

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